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If you are a busy bee with no time to keep a close on markets or if you are taking a fresh start at the trading, our Social Trading Platform can help you take advantage of the top trades made by the experienced brokers and their expertise. Just simply copy the top trading activities from the top and most successful traders and let our system work automatically for you. SIMPLE!

BEST TRADES at your Palm & That too FREE

Sign up to our Social Trading Platform and start trading FREE without any hidden cost. There is no management fee and our platform is completely free of cost for our valuable customers. For a detailed understanding, see our pricing policy. The traders you copy are get paid for a very little fraction of the trade and directly as part of our Successful Traders Pool. To become a part of our successful traders pool, click here.

We don’t provide a Platform; We provide a Community!

We care about our traders. Our platform not only provides the opportunity to copy the trade but also provides the opportunity to learn and connect. You can connect with the top brokers; you can chat with them and can directly ask for their expert opinion. You can also view trade portfolios, risk scores, stats and much more. We provide a platform to be part of the community where you discuss & share the strategies and learn from the experienced traders.

How Copy Trading Works?

Choose a trader

Search for traders by performance, assets, risk score, and more

Set an amount

Choose a total amount for the copy, the proportions are calculated automatically

Click Copy

Click the “Copy” button to start automatically copying the trader’s

Trade with Global Trade Capital and Feel The Difference


Our platform is completely free for our customers. However, you will still be charged for the
spreads on the trades that you make and the transaction free where applicable.

You can start as low as 1$. There is no minimum amount required for social trading.

It is very simple. Just pick the best trader that suits you, allocate the amount you want to start
with and just simply click copy. You will start duplicating the chosen trader’s trades automatically
and in real time and in direct proportionality.

You can also start and stop the trading process whenever you want. You can also put a stop loss
to your requirement for the copy. You can add or remove funds or can simply just pause the
copy trading process.

As soon as your selected trader starts trading their own trades, the user’s account starts
copying those trades and executes the same trades in just fractions of a second.

Yes. Other traders can copy your trades if you are an approved and listed trader on our
social trading platform.

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