OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT GLOBAL TRADE CAPITAL Global Trade Capital Limited is a global brand dedicated to online foreign exchange and commodity brokerage companies. It is registered, supervised and authorized by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu
(Company license number: 40534).

Introducing Brokers

GTC welcomes you to join us!

Introduce your customers or relatives and friends to GTC- Global Trade Capital Ltd, you will be rewarded handsomely, as we are the leading online trading server of the industry, regulated by the financial regulatory authority.
In addition to the 7 days, 24 hours, multi-language, global customer service, we also provide your customers with tools and resources needed for the exchange.

Perfect background support and reporting tools

Unrestricted access to customer transaction reports and income statements in the background.

You want to know that the information about the benefits that your client introduces to you can be queried in real-time, such as earned rewards and customer transactions.

Transparency In Pricing

The price of all products is transparent and the cost is low, without slip.

Efficient settlement and payment

After the client closes the warehouse, real-time settlement. Rest assured.

7 days, 24 hours customer service and support

7 days a week, 24 hours of customer service and support – London and the United Arab Emirates have multiple language support centers to help you solve customer problems

Supervised by the Financial Supervision Bureau

GTC Global Trade Capital is authorized and supervised by the Financial Supervision Bureau, providing 24 hours 7 days of service throughout the year.

Comprehensive product supply

Your client only needs one account to exchange foreign exchange, precious metals, all kinds of futures products, global indices, and stocks.

Fill the Form & Our Expert Will Contact You Shotly. Apply Here
Fill the Form & Our Expert Will Contact You Shotly. Apply Here

White Label Partner

GTC Global Trade Capital Ltd provides enterprises with convenient access to global capital market transactions.

Our white partner program can meet the needs of any organization so that you can provide online brokerage services to your customers through your own company ( GTC Global Trade Capital support, technical and operational coordination ).

Only professional service can achieve long-term cooperation and bring business continuously.

We tailor the program to meet the needs of every customer, from a single product independent system to large, complex trading solutions.

Meet your trading needs

We provide you with personal brand pages, trading platforms, software and pricing, and a white label customer service support center to help you enter the industry easily.

As a white label partner, you can provide your customers with global capital market products and services with your own brand.

Create your own brand

With our proven backend system, trading technology, and industry experience advantages, cooperation with us can reduce the company’s product development and operational risk, focus on increasing revenue.

Managed service means that you can run immediately without buying hardware and software or personnel development, and you can also enjoy 7 days, 24 hours of support and service.

Complete solution

Access to your own financial transactions, including full-featured trading applications, online simulation systems, marketing information, 7 days, 24 hours service, and technical support.

Perfect background support and reporting tools

You can obtain client transaction reports and income reports without restrictions in the background. The information about how much information your client brings you can be queried in real-time, such as earned commissions and customer transactions.

Flexible compensation method

GTC offers a variety of compensation schemes for white label partners:

  • Partners can choose to provide capital to the same trading conditions and product specifications and GTC Global Trade Capital, in this case, white label partners will be its trading volume based on customers from GTC at capital charge GTC Global Trade Capital obtained as a percentage of compensation.
  • GTC also provides institutional quotations. White label partners can increase the spreads and earn rewards from the difference.
  • In addition, white label partners can receive a fixed commission on each customer transaction and receive full compensation.
Steps to become a white label partner

Contact GTC Global Trade Capital Customer Service:

  • Determine the type of partnership.
  • Discuss and establish customer transaction terms and compensation terms with our customer manager: +971 5580 22397
  • Complete and sign the white label partner agreement.

An Advanced Online Trading PlatformStart your FOREX journey

  • Order is flexible to ensure stop loss.
  • Friendly interface and intuitive transaction.
  • Support EA transactions.
  • Rich indicators and curves.