We give you the option to trade indices rather than individual equities, enabling you tom speculate on the performance of market benchmarks

Advantages to Trade Index with Global Trade Capital

GTC Forex Low Spreads

Low Spreads

GTC Forex Multi-linugal

24 Hours Multi-lingual Support

GTC Forex Currency Pairs

Trade the Currency Pairs of Your Choice

GTC Forex STP Trading

STP Trading

Why Trade Precious Metals?

With GTC Index Trading you’ll also get free access to real time price data, and real time trade execution to help you make the most of your investments.

Zero commission

Buy and sell hundreds of major company stocks, with no trading commission or account management fees.

24-hour client support

Get assistance with your stock trading account around the clock, Sunday to Thursday.

Minimum deposit required

With a minimum deposit of just $100, choose to trade as little as one share or build an entire stocks portfolio

Fast account opening

Once verified, open your stocks account in few minutes and start trading straight away.

An Advanced Online Trading Platform

Start your FOREX journey