Opening an account on the GTC foreign exchange platform is very simple.

To facilitate faster transactions, complete the entire account opening process as follows.

Ⅰ:Prepare the necessary information

Please prepare the following materials. We need your relevant documents to handle your transaction account:

(1) Proof of identity: the front and back of a valid identity card or valid passport with a photo attached and signed.
(2) Proof of dual-currency card/debit card: a copy of the face of a dual-currency card/debit card used for deposit (if you do not use a dual-currency card/debit card, you can ignore this).

(note: the above supporting documents will play a key role in your withdrawal. If you cannot provide a valid identity certificate, we may not be able to accept your withdrawal request.)


Click the registered trading account to register and submit information.

Pay attention to using the correct email and leave your real phone number, so that GTC staff can get in touch with you in time and facilitate the handling. Then you will receive the email we sent to confirm the account information.

Note: please remember to check the declaration “I have read, understood and accepted it before submitting the registration form Client agreement and Risk warning.


Once the account has been approved, GTC exchange platform will send confirmation email to your registered email and trading accounts, please properly keep your trading account number and password, GTC staff will not in any name for your trading password.


You can choose telegraphic transfer, online remittance, online bank transfer, debit card, dual currency card, mobile payment and other ways to inject funds. The telegraphic transfer funds will be completed within 2 working days. You will receive our deposit confirmation email. Funds can be traded on arrival.