Gold and silver are the most popular precious metal trading products in the market, which can not only resist inflation, but also increase the value of investment. Through trading platform and MT4, GTC provides hot precious metals such as gold and silver. Trading is simpler and faster, with low margin and ultra-low price difference, and investment is more flexible.

GTC offers real time prices for gold and silver. The market has demonstrated demand for these products over the years, both individual and institutional investors, whether for speculation or risk hedging purposes.

GT’s metal products are traded in the form of CFD contracts, which allow investors to go long or short at market prices.

Precious metals are favored by traditional investors

Unmanageable markets

Because the gold market is a global investment market, no consortium or country has the power to control the gold market. No one can manipulate it, the market is fair and transparent.

Global market network linked transactions

Global market network linked trading, Monday to Friday non-stop trading, long trading, investment profit opportunities.

T + 0 transaction

The precious metal contract implements T+O system, Multiple trades can be conducted in a day. can day many times trade, seize profit opportunity adequately.

There are profit opportunities in both trades

You can trade in both directions, you can sell short, you can buy up, you can buy down. Regardless of the gold price, investors have opportunities to create profits. Once a judgement error is found,immediate close out and reverse operation will be conducted/ reinforced to recover the loss.