With the rapid development of the global economy and society, crude oil, natural gas and other energy resources, which have the greatest impact on the global economy, not only play a significant role in global spot trading, but also are closely related to the politics, economy and finance of all countries in the world. In addition to reflecting its own supply and demand conditions, crude oil energy futures prices are sensitive to macroeconomic responses. Bond, stock and foreign exchange markets are closely linked. In addition to market participants, all kinds of investors, such as pension funds and equity and wealth funds, are actively involved in trading in energy markets such as crude oil. This will be an important part of the portfolio, and it can be seen that the investment interest of crude oil investment in the international market is very high.

Crude oil investment in the international investment fever is high

Unmanageable markets

The energy market is closely related to the supply and demand of the global market. Any attempt to manipulate the market contrary to the laws of the market will not only require huge capital costs, but also face a crackdown by the market and many market competitors.

Global market network linked transactions

Global market network linked trading, Monday to Friday non-stop trading, long trading, investment profit opportunities.

T + 0 transaction

The Energy contracts are subject to T+O without restrictions and can be traded for several times in a day to take full advantage of profit opportunities.

There are profit opportunities in both trades

You can trade in both directions; you can sell or buy. Regardless the price investors have opportunities to create profits. Once a judgment error is found immediate close out and reserve the operation to recover the loss.