OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT GLOBAL TRADE CAPITAL Global Trade Capital Limited is a global brand dedicated to online foreign exchange and commodity brokerage companies. It is registered, supervised and authorized by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu
(Company license number: 40534).


Foreign exchange is the largest part of financial transaction in the international market today! In addition to familiar currency pairs of Europe and America, GTC can provide customers with a total of 47 sets of tradable currency pairs to meet various needs.

Spot foreign exchange trading is a product that is traded over the counter through financial institutions as opposed to through exchanges because there is no place for actual exchange of goods and there is no central exchange. Foreign exchange trading takes place in major global financial centers such as London, New York and Tokyo.

When markets operate five days a week, there is no limit on how long foreign exchange can be traded and exchange rates between major currencies are constantly updated. Such high liquidity and price volatility have attracted a large number of experienced investors.

Foreign exchange transactions have many investment advantages

Predictable Markets

Trends in the foreign exchange market are repetitive and regular. This allows market participants to increase their price expectations after using assistive analysis tools effectively.

There are profit opportunities in both trades

Because the foreign exchange market is constantly changing, there is always the opportunity to trade, to choose one currency against another is to depreciate or appreciate. As a result, investors can profit from a long or short position strategy.

24-hour Trading

The foreign exchange market is a global market that opens 24 hours in a row, starting Monday in Wellington, New Zealand, and ending Friday in the United States. Although the foreign exchange markets around the world have their own fixed trading hours, because of the time difference, the markets are interconnected or overlapping, giving traders the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day.

High liquidity

With more than $4 trillion in daily trading volume and the participation of millions of investors, there is always a chance to enter and exit the market at a fairly transparent price.

Why Choose GTC Forex?

GTC Global Trade Capital Limited is a worldwide brand committed to your trading experience. To ensure that we adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards,  employ fair-customer treatment rules, and enable you to access investor protection schemes.
We are regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission under license number 40354.


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