GTC specialized international Internet brokerage

Headquartered in the Dubai, GTC is committed to providing financial products trading and services to investors around the world.

GTC is authorized and supervised by the FSA Financial Supervisory Authority to ensure the safety of client funds to the greatest extent possible. Its multi-year operating history and annual turnover of more than $30 billion make it a leader in the global financial services industry.

All of the company’s products are quoted on financial exchanges and bank transaction prices as a reference, from the quote to the transaction provides a high degree of transparency.

Strict supervision ensures that the company is transparent, credible and safe

GTC is a legally licensed and regulated company. Due to the needs of the financial supervision bureau, we need to submit financial reports, transaction data and customer data every day. And unregulated companies are prone to the risk of misuse of customer funds. At GTC, you can trade more transparently and safely.

Years of management experience and technical accumulation

Our strong financial base stems from our many years of operating history. Compared to other companies with only a few years of history, we have more experience and technology and enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

Highly competitive trading conditions

We continue to strive to ensure that our prices, trading points, fees and margins are competitive. Trading leverage can reach 200 times, making it easy for customers to take advantage of the dynamics of the market and advanced trading strategies for profit.

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