Introducing new trade Items, WTIUSD & BRNUSD

Dear Traders, Considering the recent economic changes GTC has decided to give its clients a chance to broaden their portfolio for which we are introducing two new trade items. Now GTC clients will be able to trade two new natural energy resources using the symbols, WTIUSD for USOILROLL and BRNUSD for UKOILROLL. The previously traded […]

European Stock Futures Sink

The worsening global economy has had a gruesome effect on the stock market as evident by European stock Futures prices released in the morning. Thursday morning showed European stocks taking a dip with the German DAX futures contract inching 0.2% lower. On the one hand, as UK’s FTSE 100 futures contract was seen falling 0.3%, […]

The U.S. Dollar Goes Uphill While Euro Tumbles at Parity

The U.S. dollar was high Thursday morning following the U.S CPI release. On Wednesday U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced a 9.1% year-on-year CPI for June. Data released showed the worst statistics, unseen in the past 40 years. Evidently this result will be leading to a tighter monetary policy by the U.S. Federal Reserve. The […]